A Post in Search of a Title

Wow, another Friday round-up.  The weeks are FLYING by, as evidenced by the fact that it’s March and I still have birthday crap all over the place.  My birthday was in January.

  • I am feeling MUCH better today, as predicted.  It’s almost like I deal with this specific condition every four weeks!  Hmm.  Thanks for the suggestions on how to beat a case of the “blahs” and feel perky again.
  • Ed is leaving town again this weekend – this time for a whole week in New York on business.  Why yes, I am insanely jealous.  Thanks for asking.   However, I know the poor guy is going to be working crazy hours but there’s a remote chance (at least a better chance in NYC than Chico) he’ll run into Tina Fey and therefore life is unfair.  Stay tuned for more of my Risky Business/Home Alone wacky shenanigans while the grown up is away.
  • Let us pray the HBO programming schedule will be heavy on the Zac Efron.  I am five minutes away from giving a kid outside of Target money to buy the DVD to 17 Again for me so that I can watch it whenever I want.  I dream big.
  • We’ve been staying in more due to a number of factors (financial responsibility, the crappy weather, distaste for dealing with hordes of college students), and it has been truly refreshing to hang out at home rather than constantly go out.  While I have enjoyed the nesting and relazing, I fear that this routine will also get a little old.  My big idea to spice things up: pomegranate martinis!  I have the goods and plan to throw a mini-cocktail party.  The dress code is “yoga pants chic” and you’re all invited. 
  • OK, so I know I defended the rainy weather and am not a sun worshipper by any means but DUDE.  I am ready for Spring.  My flip flops stare at me from the closet floor and the stores and catalogs are bursting with cute sundresses. 

And now, a picture of a cute dog!  Meet Molly.  She is three (although this picture was taken when she was a wee baby) and so smart and cuddly and lovey and awesome and everyone who meets her loves her.

The ears kill me.

Happy Weekend!


5 thoughts on “A Post in Search of a Title

    • We are having a repeat tonight. And by “we” I mean “I am home alone so come over and drink with meeeeee!” My friend Katie was in town and I wish you had been here because I think you two would hit it off.

      • Aw, shit. I probably really would have come, but I didn’t read this ’til later. I’m on leave from my job, so I have aome free time that I should be using to pack, but fuck that. Repeat soon?

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