Yes, What She Said

Don’t ask, but I stumbled upon this post and lo!  It was my life!  Unlike the original author, I do have an open mind toward the sci-fi genre thanks to my geeky Mom and love of Harrison Ford as Han Solo.  I mean, come ON.  Leia tells him she loves him and he just looks at her and says, “I know” like a pimp?  That is great stuff.

Anyway, my point here is that I also resisted the lure of Battlestar Galactica (or BSG), gave in, started watching from the beginning (you can’t just jump in at Season 3 or something, seriously) and fell in love.  I mean, yeah, Apollo is hot, there’s all kinds of sexy time and intrigue but it’s also an interesting commentary on the military, religion, politics, imperialism, and civil rights without being too heavy handed.  Still.  It’s easy to scare people when I start geeking out.

If I can’t convince you it’s good stuff, just remember that it’s good enough for Dwight Schrute.  The show has ended but you can rent the DVD’s or add it to your Netflix queue and be caught up in no time so we can talk about it OMGHOWFUN!

So say we all.


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