Aunts: Good for More Than Gum and Barbies

As you may have gathered from my gushing over Baby James, I truly relish my role as an Auntie.  Yes, my Juno blog needs some updating, but I talk to that kid on the phone and melted the first time I heard her say my name.  The shenanigans of Aunt Christmas (as Madison, Johanna and Joaquin call me) are legendary.  My love for my friends’ kids is directly proportionate to my love for my friends.  And I hold my friendships very close to my heart.

A couple of articles have surfaced lately praising the contribution of childless women to society: we make kick ass aunts.  And if you ever had a cool aunt (or uncle) you know what I’m talking about.

Childless women get such shitty PR.  We are either sad spinsters surrounded by cats or vapid, shallow party girls.  And maybe some are.  I have no idea, what with not knowing ALL the childless women in the world.  But overall? Our contribution – to both parents and children – is so underrated.  As Margot Magowan states, “Women without children are perfectly capable of being happy; what they’re often missing isn’t kids, but a society and a culture that values and respects them.”   Can I get an AMEN?


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