Lost My Voice, But Still Have Access to the Internet. I Willl Not Be Ignored!

Holy hell is this week over yet?  Does anyone mind if I start hitting the hooch before 5pm?  No?  Great.

  • I realize this makes me sound like a great big baby, but Ed has been gone all week and I miss him terribly.  He’s working like a maniac and I know he’d rather be home but the part of my brain that occasionally sets itself to “petulant child mode” has been activated.  This is exacerbated by the fact that he’s leaving town next week again.  And I’m sick and want someone else to make tea for me.
  • So, my voice up and went on strike and that hasn’t really helped my overall mood.  It was fine when it was all Kathleen Turner sultry but then it went Peter Brady and now it’s back to sort of scratchy.  Just can’t talk for long periods of time.  This would be my definition of torture in case anyone is planning on holding me prisoner any time soon.
  • My hilarious friend Nikki and I shared an IM conversation predicting that Facebook and the Interweb would be full of “RIP Corey Haim” type messages from everyone between the ages of 30-45.  Yes, it’s sad but dude.  Declaring “He was SO HOT and I totally had posters of him on my wall OMG so sad!” loses its impact after awhile.  See also: am a bit grumpy.
  • So, my dad and Bubba finally watched Star Wars for the first time ever.  My dad had never seen it and luckily Judy intervened to ensure their child is raised in a civilized manner.  My dad wasn’t terribly impressed.  As he put it: “It’s not a sport and there’s no score so I don’t give a shit.”  Bubba, however, seemed impressed with Darth Vader but thinks Han Solo is sketchy.  I don’t even know what to do with those guys.

Today is also Dave’s 55th birthday!  Wahoo!  Here’s what a great guy he is: it’s HIS birthday and yet he has offered to take me out to breakfast or lunch – whichever I prefer – because he feels bad that I am sick.  What a guy!


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