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Ed and I are hosting Easter this weekend for our families.  This will be the first time my parents meet his (sadly Dad, Judy and Bubba will not be with us), and we are in the throes of Guest Preparations.  We bought a case of wine yesterday so I’m pretty sure things will go well. 

Aside from the procurement of booze, we found ourselves shopping for table linens because apparently this is what grown ups do when having other grown ups – our parents and Ed’s sister, aka For Realsies Grown Ups – over for a holiday gathering.  Here is where we were unsure as to the proper protocol in the Land of Tablecloths and Napkins.

Are we supposed to buy stuff that matches the general decor of the house/dining area, even though it wouldn’t be classified as Easter-ish or Springy?  However, it will get a lot of use since it, you know, looks nice and complements what’s goin’ on already.  OR, do we purchase special Easter/Spring/pastel linens because That’s What Is Done and just roll with the fact that this stuff will sit untouched in a closet for much of the year?  The third option, of course, is that it doesn’t matter either way because people just want good food and top shelf hooch* and Ed and I deserve each other because who else would put up with a couple of dorks who worry about this shit?

We did choose a course of action after much discussion, but I’m curious as to what you refined arbiters of class and taste have to say. 

On a related note, do you remember when I wrote about my drunken shenanigans and wasn’t, like, totes lame?  Yeah, me too.

*Trick question!  My mom does care – A LOT – about tablescapes and home decor and will waste no time in pointing out flaws.  And here you thought this was a pleasant family gathering.  Suckers!


6 thoughts on “Opinion Poll

  1. I say if you don’t have any tableclothes at all yet, buy a neutral one you can use all year and add Easter flair with easy decorations- easter grass in a basket or bowl with wooden eggs or bunny, etc. Make the base stuff neutral and accessorize. That’s my assvice.

  2. Definitely go with something you can use over and over. I would however, suggest that you do something really simple in the middle of the table like a bouquet of pink tulips in a clear vase or a large clear jar with pastel colored M & Ms.

    • Court! I feel so special having a Tipsy Girl comment here! Thanks for the input…and I like the idea about the M&M’s! 🙂

  3. We desperately needed a tablecloth, so shopping had to happen.

    The results: We ended up with a soft yellow, but it’s more of a warm yellow than a pastel yellow, if that makes sense. Our existing placemat/napkin set goes well and we both liked it well enough for every day/entertaining so we took it as a sign that it worked. Ed really liked red napkins (again, they work with the overall decor) so we picked those up, too, but now we’re not so sold on them. We are definitely planning on a nice centerpiece (we might even make something) and hope that it will add some festive Easter flair.

  4. @cdk1 I l feel honored to have you as such a loyal reader!! I always stop buy here and have a good laugh! Glad the table issue worked its way out!

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