Who Will Think of the Children?

I’m just going to say it: teenagers can be jerks.  I say “can be” because I was sort of a jerk and other kids were jerky to me BUT I also acknowledge that teenagers are sort of figuring shit out and so a certain amount of jerkitude is to be expected.  Not accepted, but expected.  It’s our responsibilty as adults, role models, decent humans, whatever to smack some of the jerk out of them (not literally, but you get it).  Plus I have met some really lovely teenagers who are compassionate so I don’t like to make sweeping generalizations.

That’s why when I read about this I was… I don’t even know.  Shocked.  Disgusted.  Horrified.  A lot of commenters on articles covering this subject have made dismissive comments about kids being cruel and “Oh well, what are you gonna do?”  Here’s the thing: these kids did not act alone.  They clearly had the support and resources of adults to pull off an entire prom AND stage a faux prom.  Even if the kids (who are seniors in high school, which means they are 18 or approaching 18 and therefore legally “adults”) came up with or talked about a plot to exclude Constance, some authority figures said, “Yeah, sure.  We’ll help you pull this off.”  It’s one thing for selfish teenagers to want to exact revenge, quite another for the adults to slaughter the pig and hand them the bucket of blood.  How the hell can we as a society look at teenagers as these cruel beings who inflict harm upon others when they are following the lead of their role models? 

Lest we all call the parties responsible for the decoy prom bigoted homophobes, just remember that this prom was also held for the benefit of some disabled students.  How generous.  Apparently prom is only for the able-bodied heteros.  I’ll let you all guess as to how I, as the daughter of a disabled individual, feel about THAT one.

Anyway, I don’t know where all of this is going other than this is all just so fucked up and I’m pretty sure my kids will read about this one day and look at me the same way I look at my mom when she tells me about remembering (with great disgust) segregated lunch counters at restaurants: with a face that says, “WTF?  How can this even be legal, let alone socially acceptable?”


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