Friday: My Other Favorite “F” Word

Holy shit, y’all.  This week has kicked my butt.  Remember when I had that mystery neck/shoulder/back pain a few months back?  Guess what has returned with a vengeance?  This might be a new horrific birthday surprise since it occurred during mine and Ed’s birthday is Sunday.  Awesome.  I’m laying off the liquid Vicodin this go-round in favor of stretching and Ibuprofen.  Look whose E! True Hollywood Story just got LAME.

Anyway, you’re getting a bullet point mish-mash.

  • Wedding plans continue to move along although glancing at one of those “handy” checklists at almost sent me into cardiac arrest.  170 days left until the wedding AND 164 incomplete to-dos?  Pass the cabernet!
  • I asked Ed if we could have our wedding bands engraved with something Battlestar Galactica-related, or include “So say we all” in our wedding vows.  His suggestion involved declaring our love for cheese.  Tell me this man isn’t a winner.  I mean, REALLY.
  • Cake tasting #1 is scheduled for tomorrow.  I am exceedingly excited about this errand.
  • Are you tired of me talking about wedding shit?  Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  Sorry.
  • Glee is back!  Was it my imagination or was every line out of Jane Lynch’s mouth brilliant?  I wasn’t as impressed with the premiere as I’d hoped, but damn it if the Vogue video wasn’t genius.
  • Are we watching Parenthood?  It’s surprisingly funny and sweet and oh who am I kidding?  I love Peter Krause.  There.  I said it.  But the show is actually good.
  • Great, now I’m talking about TV shows.  Riveting!  Next I’ll tell you about a dream I had or describe my lunch in detail.
  • The weather has made me exceptionally grumpy but we’re finally getting glimpses of Spring.  Hello, sundresses and sandals, margaritas on the patio and barbecues.
  • Speaking of barbecues, last night we went to one at a friend’s house and I met his kids for the first time.  It took all of my willpower (and Ed reminding me that I do not want to be part of an Amber Alert) not to take them home.  Instead I offered to babysit because that’s “less creepy.”  Being socially appropriate is a challenge sometimes.  Most times.

Have a lovely weekend, Interweb!  Hopefully one that involves eating lots of cake.


3 thoughts on “Friday: My Other Favorite “F” Word

  1. Sometimes I just want to pretend I’m getting married just so I can go cake-tasting. How many tastings do you have lined up?

    • Yeah, I don’t even know why I didn’t think of that scam before. It’s not like anyone verifies the information, you know? We have two set up with two different bakers. It’s tempting to keep checking out more but I need to fit into my dress.

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