Why I Should Not be Allowed in Public Part 473

After a morning of running errands around town I was struck with a craving for my secret shame: Taco Bell.  Secret shame #2: I am too lazy to get out of my car and use the Drive-Thru 99.9999% of the time.

However, there are times when the fear of wandering into hangry territory (hangry=hunger that has morphed into extreme crankiness/anger) overrides extreme laziness.  And I must venture outside the safety of my vehicle and possibly interract with members of the public.  Here’s where things go off the rails.

I came bounding into the shop and was honestly perplexed as to where the line started and kinda-sorta cut in front of this nice young man.  “Oh, sorry.  Did I just cut in front of you?” I asked.

“Yeah, but it’s OK.” he laughed as we switched places.

“Sorry, I usually use the drive-thru but the line was SO LONG so I came in here and the way they have this set up is so confusing!  I mean, I can’t tell who’s in line to order and who’s waiting for food.” I manically blabbered on until he slowly turned around so that he wasn’t facing me or inviting more scintillating conversation about The Ways of Taco Bell or whatever crazy-ass shit would come out of my mouth.  I mean, I could hear the crazy pouring out of me and yet I COULD NOT MAKE IT STOP.  I’d love to say I had too much coffee or was drunk, but this is, sadly, a recurring problem for me when faced with talking to humans. 

However, I’d like some bonus points for normalcy for NOT cracking up or making a face when informed my order was #269.  I mean, come ON.  It’s like the universe is daring me to be an idiot.


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