Because I Can’t Claim I Invented Post-It Notes

Interweb, I’ve got a high school reunion this weekend.  A big one.  And it isn’t mine. 

My squeeze has been out of high school for a 20 years* so we’re headed to Corning – the Olive Capital of California – to celebrate with his classmates.  It’s a two-day event and Ed has worked really hard on the reunion committee to make it a good time for his fellow Cardinals.   Let’s hope my social retardedness doesn’t rear its inappropriate head** and compel me to do one of the following:

  • Dress in “theme” and show up in acid wash and with huge bangs or frosted hair.
  • Walk up to a random guy and confront him over our (obviously totally fictional) prom night hook-up and the fact that he never called.  Bonus points if his wife is within ear shot.  Double bonus points if they were high school sweethearts.
  • Tell people Ed and I met on a Dungeons and Dragons chat room.
  • Tell people Ed and I met through a prison pen pal service.
  • Dance.

Friday night’s activity is a get-together at a dive bar and then Saturday is Fancy Night at Rolling Hills Casino so I have high hopes that this will be a rockin’ party.  Ed just hopes I don’t embarrass the hell out of him.  Ah, dream big, Sweetie.

*One of my favorite games is the “Hey, when you were learning to drive I was still playing with Barbies.  Isn’t that awesome?”  Ed finds it slightly less awesome.

**Inappropriate Head would be a good band name.


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