Like Prozac but Without the Pesky Side Effects

So, my dad doesn’t read this thing (at least if he does he NEVER says a word about it) and the man has come through for me in terms of curing my blues without even knowing I had them in the first place.  It’s like some sort of DeFazio-Jedi mindtrick shit!

He and Judy are coming up this weekend and bringing my favorite person ever: Bubba.  It is impossible for me to be bummed around that kid.  He’s that awesome.

OK, Universe, well-played.


My dad put himself on speakerphone so Evan could interject and he informed me of the following:

“I tried to kiss Sydney at school today.”

“What?  Why?”

“BECAUSE I LOOOOVVVVE HEEEERRRRR!” (Imagine that being said in the most dramatic tone possible.)

He also informed me that he looooovvvveees Madeline and this really busty chick* who works at the bank so apparently we have quite The Playa on our hands.

And so it begins…

*Bubba didn’t describe her being busty – I’ve met her before and seen him swoon over her and couldn’t help but notice that she’s got quite the rack.


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