Blogging Year 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, my little blog has turned 2!  If it were a child I’d be trying to get it to shit in the toilet and quite possibly screaming at it for drawing on the walls. 

(I’m really glad my blog isn’t a child.)

(Not that YOUR two year-old is difficult or anything but lovely.  Oh no!)

(But you know what I mean, right?)

I find myself saying this to myself or to someone else at least once a day these days, but I cannot believe how different my life has become in the time since I moved back to California to start over, and I mean that in the best possible way.  My expectations and faith in people were at a low point, and not to get all Pollyanna on you, but I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the kindness, the good energy, the love and support and bottles of wine…everything that has come my way.  It may not seem like it since I often use this as a place to freak out over stupid shit, but the fact that I have a blog should probably be the first indication that I think I am super-interesting.

And yeah, I am probably a complete asshat for “celebrating” my blogiversary (What?  It’s a word.  No, YOU shut up.) but it was the day that started me on a new trajectory toward some of the best moments in my life so far, and it’s hard for me to keep that excitement to myself.  Thanks for coming back to read this testament to my Crazy and here’s to another great year!


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