Maybe It’s Good They Don’t Live Around Here, Actually, Or The Fire Department Would Know Us by Name

You guys.  The last few days have been a blur of drinking, eating and laughing and I am pretty sure I am still legally drunk. 

Basically, it was an awesome extended weekend.

Ed’s good friend G (who will be one of the Best Men this October) and my old partner in debauchery, Katie, were in town.  But not, like, together.  Just a coincidence.  All I can say is thank gods for the mega-cooler and our awesome wine opener.  And thanks to Ed for monitoring the oven after we came home from the bars on Thursday night and I decided to be the Martha Stewart of drunken retardedness and make a bunch of mini pizzas (on our fancy pizza crisper, OF COURSE, because we’re not animals) but not actually, like, pay attention to the food cooking. 

Aside from the obvious joy of enjoying the Sierra Nevada Sampler on the patio on a lazy Friday afternoon, there was the added excitement of having TWO of our friends with us – two friends who had never met and yet we all got along and hung out and I love G and Ed loves Katie and it was JUST SO AWESOME TO HAVE FRIENDS AROUND.  Obviously I love Ed’s company and not in just a shmoopy “No you’re prettier!” sort of way.  I genuinely enjoy talking to him about work, politics, our families, our future, our pasts….everything.  I never get tired of being around him.  (And I can only hope that he feels the same way about me.)  But, we miss our friends.  We both need friends – other people – to talk to and laugh with and maybe drink too much wine and almost burn down the house making pizzas.

So, who wants to visit next?  The guest room is ready.


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