Rock Out with Your Bach Out

Background: we were referred to a very nice lady who is part of a string quartet to play music for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.  We spoke on the phone and then she dropped off a CD with samples of popular wedding music.

Mom: “So, she actually told you that they don’t play rock music?”

Me: “Yep.  It’s like either someone warned her that I am ridiculous, or she could sense over the phone that I’m the type to walk down the aisle to ‘Love in an Elevator.’  Either way, it was a good thing she told me before I got my hopes up.”

Mom: “Hey, Charlie Daniels isn’t technically ‘rock music!’  Ask her if they can play ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’ as your processional!”

Me: “Wow.  I think you have officially lost it.”

Mom: “Do you want me to come over and listen to the CD with you and help pick out music?”

Me: “If you want, sure.  The CD is with the string quartet, but we might just book the trio.  We’re not sure yet.”

Mom: “Get the quartet!  I’ll pay for the quartet.  I’ve been picturing a quartet.”

Me: “Calm down!  Jesus.  I think we can all live without the viola.”

Mom: “I’ll notice the absence of the viola.”

Me: “No one has ever noticed the absence of the viola.  Ever.”


Later that evening, Ed and I listened to the CD, which was very nice and basically gave me flashbacks to every wedding ever.

Which quickly devolved into listening to Star Wars tracks and wondering how appropriate it would be for my mom to enter to the Imperial March.

Very, we decided.


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