Because I am a Giver, But Also a Hack

You guys, the blogroll to the right ins’t just there for decoration.  You should be reading this shit.  Need some convincing?  Allow me to point you in the direction of some funny stuff that I didn’t write.  I don’t mean to blow anyone’s mind or anything, but there are other people out there who are hilarious and talented.  Most (including me) would argue more so than yours truly.  I KNOW.

  1. This one is sort of confusing because it’s on Dooce but it’s written by Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera.  Did you get all that?  Good.  To read something equally brilliant and funny, check out her post titled “Lucky” in Sarah’s natural habitat. 
  2. In my opinion, which is always right, Circlestar needs to write more frequently because You Spin Me Right Round makes me do that laugh-cry thing that isn’t super-attractive, but is a damn good indication that Funny Shit is Happening.  Watch the clips she posted here and share in the flashbacks.  Donna gets thrown down the stairs!  Kelly’s mom is coked-out!  Brandon does E!  Holy shit, y’all, it’s like they were writing about my life!
  3. They saw One-Eyed Willie’s Ship.  HOLY SHITBALLS.  Also, I saw a recent photo of Chunk and he’s pretty hot now. 
  4. Bonus somethin’ somethin’ that isn’t really in the blogroll but you need to see anyway: Zach Anner’s video.  I think he does prove that cerebral palsy IS the sexiest of the palsies.  I would totally watch his show.

Go forth and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Because I am a Giver, But Also a Hack

  1. I saw a picture of Chunk in People magazine (thank you mom) – holy shnikes he looks totally different. I showed Justin the picture and asked him which former Goonies actor it was and he had no idea.

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