Life List

It’s no secret that I love a good list.  Oh, the organization of it all!  It appeals to the OCD side of me and keeps the ADD side of me in check.

There’s a movement in the blogging community to create (Mighty) Life Lists, publish them and, well, get to work on the items.  And, in the spirit of inspiring, share the experiences with others.  The items need not be big, huge life-changing things, but it’s kind of cool to push yourself to do things that for whatever reason intimidate or simply fall by the wayside. 

Most people are publishing 100 items and mine is a work in progress.  Here’s my start for now:

1.) Take drum lessons

2.) Master a signature/go-to dish that is suitable for entertaining

3.) Run a 10k

4.) Throw an anniversary party for my parents

5.) Visit France and actually put that French minor to use by having a conversation with a native

6.) Plant and maintain a small herb garden

7.) Publish my writing in a professional capacity

8.) Host a major holiday for our families

9.) Start a local Cheesewhizzes club

10.) See a show on Broadway

11.) Un-plug (no TV, Internet, phone) one day a month

12.) Institute weekly Happy Hours with friends

13.) Surprise Ed with a picnic lunch on a weekday

14.) Dine by candlelight using the “good” china and crystal for no reason at all

15.) Make it a tradition to volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen during the holidays

16.) Establish a scholarship in my (Carreira) grandparents’ names

17.) Take tap-dancing lessons

18.) Buy those leather pants already

19.) Take a family portrait with each set of parents and siblings

20.) Send out actual birthday cards instead of emails or Facebook posts (or in addition to – can’t really wish someone a Happy Birthday too much, can you?)

21.) Have a baby

22.) Treat a group of girlfriends to a weekend getaway or retreat

23.) Attend BlogHer

24.) Attend Mighty Summit

25.) Take Evan on his college tour and help him with his applications

26.) Mentor a child

So, yeah, not everything on here is some selfless do-gooding act that will change humanity.  Some are easy enough to achieve or incorporate into my life.  Some are for my own amusement.  Some won’t happen for awhile (ahem, 21 and 25) and that’s fine, too.  And I know that as I cross things off and live my life new items will find their way on to the list.

I will inform you when I cross something off the list, or get started on the on-going ones.  Deal?  Feel free to join in on the fun and share if you’re so inclined!


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