Dip It! Dip It Good!

I love Ed’s sister and feel so fortunate that I’m gaining an amazing set of in-laws in October.  Aside from being fun, smart, and a fan of cocktail hour, Tammy is an excellent gift-giver and a wonderful hostess herself.  The last time she was here she brought us some spinach dip mix.  I love her for this.

Yeah, so spinach dip mix…what’s the big deal, right?  You can buy dip at the store!  Or make your own from scratch!  But we are not always awesome planners, and sometimes company stops by unexpectedly and you don’t happen to have all the ingredients on hand to whip up some snacks. But this stuff takes two other ingredients that we generally have in our fridge plus the mix (and we usually have crackers, bread and/or chips for dipping).  And it tastes great.

The mix is from Tastefully Simple and this is the one I’m currently in love with. 

Mix together the following:

Half cup of mayonaisse

Half cup of sour cream

Two tablespoons of dip mix

Blammo!  I like this because you can adjust the mayo-to-sour-cream ratio to taste and unlike the premade stuff you get at Safeway or Trader Joe’s it isn’t too heavy. 

One caveat: the instructions advise you to chill the dip for two hours before serving.  I ignored this when I made the first batch because we were hungry and impatient.  It was perfectly fine – delicious even!  But I had some leftovers this morning and I have to say it was a bit better with some time to let everything settle. 

Best of all: this is something that even I can handle making, which means you could probably let a toddler do it and it will turn out perfect.


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