What Was That Thing About Knowing Being Half the Battle?

Oh, hey there.  It’s…been awhile.  I always feel so awkward when I take a long time to update between posts.  It’s like running into that guy after that one date where it wasn’t glaringly obvious to him that it was awful and you sort of left things up in the air and now you need to make small talk.

Not that YOU are a bad date.  Oh no.  You’re lovely. 

Anyway, life has been busy and crazy and full of fun and a weekend in Reno for a wedding.  Wherein I left the reception with an open wine bottle shoved into my dress, as a friend of mine was able to shove two into her pockets.  But it’s cool: the bride’s mom blessed this idea since she had already paid for the open, full bottles.  Really, it would have been shittyof us to leave them.  Don’t bother consulting Emily Post on this, OK?

But somewhere mixed in all the summer fun, my dear dad managed to hurt his left shoulder to the point where he couldn’t feed himself, drink anything, drive or perform basic daily tasks.  This has been, well, upsetting to say the least.  Concerning.  Scary.  He had an MRI today and it will be a few days before he gets any definitive results.  The initial diagnosis is “something with the rotator cuff.”  But the MRI will rule out anything more serious and narrow down what exactly is going on.  This is where I thank heaven that Judy is a physical therapist and can at least help my dad come up with some ways to alleviate pain and get through the day.  But still.  This just blows. 

My overreactions to my dad’s health issues are well-known and often somewhat unfounded.  I mean, yes, the guy has had some scary shit go down (aside from the whole becoming-a-quadriplegic-due-to-a-diving-accident-thing) and he always bounces back, but it means I get a little worried that he’s run out of miracles and this is the beginning of…I don’t even know.  Not The End, as his injuries are not life-threatening.  My ability to articulate what scares me and why, and how seeing my dad hurt and scared escapes me.  This, uh, might be why I’ve shied away from writing about this. 

I know all we can do is wait and see, and deal with the situation in front of us and a million other things people say to someone who is anxious over the unknown.  I wish we could skip the part where we at least know what is going on.


4 thoughts on “What Was That Thing About Knowing Being Half the Battle?

  1. Sorry to hear about your Daddy’s health woes. I hope they figure shit out soon and he has a speedy recovery. It’s scary when our parents get sick, no matter how small or large, so I feel ya. Keep us updated, and wish Chris the best from me.

    • Thanks, Sweets. Judy will be with us this weekend so we’ll get an update in a few days 🙂 I appreciate the good wishes. And now we wait…

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