Yeah, How Many of Us Ended Up Being French Maids?

So, this little post has garnered quite a bit of attention.

And I love it.

Having children has always been such a hypothetical, potential, maybe, IF, one day, far off sort of thing.  And while it’s hardly on the radar in an immediate way, it’s far more of a real thing than it has ever been.  And it’s fucking scary.  Aside from the frightening aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and dealing with a floppy-necked baby, I feel like there are so many external forces that make bringing a vulnerable soul into the world an intimidating prospect to say the least.

Or maybe I’m just an overly sensitive psycho who needs to calm down.

But after reading about how a kid had been ridiculed for an innocent costume choice for Halloween, I don’t think I’m overreacting.  And after reading about how his mom and his peers supported that like it wasn’t a big deal (which, really, IT WASN’T), I felt a little better about the world.

I had posted a link to the post from Nerdy Apple Bottom on Facebook, and Ed had IMed me about it later in the day.  He was similarly touched by how this mom just loved her son and wanted him to get to be a kid who picked his Halloween costume and enjoyed his party at school. 

It’s bittersweet when your faith in people is simultaneously shot down AND reaffirmed all because a kid dared to have his own opinion and his mom respected that.


4 thoughts on “Yeah, How Many of Us Ended Up Being French Maids?

  1. I live in a unique and wonderful bubble, apparently. Sam (my boy child) was a girl witch for Halloween a couple years back. We live in SF, so nobody blinked an eye at this. In fact, there were other boys dressed as girl witches at his school that year, too.

    Just move back to SF before you get pregnant. 🙂

    • I love how the kids don’t even care (and isn’t dressing in drag sort of a normal thing for Halloween?), but the moms went all crazy. SF really is a delightful little bubble, isn’t it?

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