You Can’t Tell, But I am Typing This Really Extra Super Fast

Some updates since we last chatted:

  • I got a job!  I almost wrote that I “can’t” talk about it, but the truth is, I don’t think it’s a good idea.  Not because I’m a secret agent or anything (OR AM I?) but because not talking about work (other than in general, positive terms) on the Interweb seems like a good plan.  Suffice it to say, I like where I am, what I’m doing, the possibilities for the future, and the fact that my co-workers are rabid coffee drinkers.  I believe the term “hardcore addicts” has been thrown around once or twice.  Not sure if I’m a joiner or just an impressionable idiot but I have ramped up my consumption from one cup in the morning to… hell, I don’t know.  Three?  Maybe?  Per day.  This needs to stop seeing as how I am simultaneously nauseated and unable to sit still at the moment.
  • I celebrated my 33rd birthday with multiple dinners out, a movie (The King’s Speech is great), and lots of bubbly.  Couldn’t ask for much more, could I?  Aside from a pug to name Chiquitita, that is.
  • Look what Ed caught:
So, looks like I will be researching recipes that feature salmon.
  • Confession: I’ve been half-assedly watching The Bachelor this season.  There is a girl from Chico on it, so of course I had to check it out and see if I knew her/her family (answer: no).  I got sort of sucked in, but I’ve found that if I want to avoid being completely irritated and worried about the future of the human race, I can’t pay close attention.  I’m convinced that if you took a shot every time someone says the words “journey,” “connection,” and/or “for the right reasons” you would be shitfaced within minutes.  The Resident Crazy Bitch Who Will Cut You is named Michelle.  I sort of love watching her but I also fear for everyone’s safety when she’s around.
  • So, is it a bad idea to counteract the extreme! caffeine! ingestion with some wine?  Because I don’t think I’m going to be able to calm down without chemical intervention.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Tell, But I am Typing This Really Extra Super Fast

  1. Congrats on the job!!! And wow – those fish look super. I have a delicious recipe for salmon – sprinkle filets with salt, pepper, and cayenne, broil (525 degrees) until appropriately sizzly (I like my salmon almost burnt because I’m weird). While the salmon is broiling, combine equal parts balsamic, lemon juice, and water with 1/2 part brown sugar and boil until it reduces to a thick glaze. Drizzle over salmon (or asparagus, baked potatoes, or ice cream) and enjoy.

    I too have been half-heartedly watching The Bachelor. It’s amusing and also makes me sad for humanity.

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