The Good Life

It’s Sunday afternoon and despite the lack of anything hugely fantastic or life-changing, I have to say that this has been one of the best weekends ever.  The perfect mix of lounging, going out, and eating & drinking. 

Seriously: I challenge you to tell me what could be better.

At the risk of sounding dickish and spoiled, I feel compelled to admit that a big part of my enjoyment of this weekend is the utter lack of obligation and responsibility.  No pressing, dire errands (other than a fun shopping trip to get Ed some new dress shirts), no sick parents (hallelujah!), no drudgery.  Lunch and a cider* at a pub, a movie date with my favorite person, and now a leisurely day of bellinis and bacon before my parents come over for chili and Aggravation?  This fucking rules.

In all honesty, even our busy, errand-filled weekends aren’t the worst thing ever.  Going to Costco and caring for parents aren’t on par with what POW’s deal with.  I know this.  But damn.  It’s nice to be able to slow down and appreciate what we have and watch a Liam Neeson movie without the looming “We have to leave in 5 minutes or we’ll be late for blahblahblah” feeling. 

I highly recommend this.  We may need to make a habit of it.

*Maybe two.


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