Of No Particular Importance

Another set of random bullet points since nothing I have to say could constitute an entire post.  You’re welcome.

  • Who has two thumbs, speaks limited French, AND had a kick-ass 30-day review at work?  THIS MOI.  They love me, have high hopes for me, and there’s room to grow.  The pay isn’t the greatest, but for around here it works.  Happy times!
  • Friday night we had dinner in a neighboring town at this random awesome restaurant.  Ed knows the bar manager from high school, and it was basically a mini reunion.  Hanging out with Ed and his schoolmates always makes me feel like I’m in the movie Footloose.  A bunch of small town kids talking about “that time we were riding a tractor downtown and the cops gave us a warning”  – I mean come on.  I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.
  • We left the restaurant for a dive bar a few doors down and my sister-in-law’s boyfriend put on my coat Tommy Boy-style so I have officially declared him a keeper.  Only the best for my family, yo.
  • Also?  Knowing the bar manager = free drinks all night = my wine glass was never empty = I didn’t get out of bed until 5pm the next day.
  • Ed is in New Orleans for a conference.  Coincidentally it’s Mardi Gras.  It is taking everything in me not to comment “Looks like fun!  I’m off to unload the dishwasher” on the photos he’s been posting of the parades.
  • Today I made a series of rational, adult decisions – some big, some small.  And then I blew it all to hell by seeing Black Swan by myself.  May I remind you that I am the woman who freaked the fuck out over Toy Story 3, so just imagine how jumpy I’ve been since being alone in my house.  Ed told me I should have waited until he got home to see it, but I don’t know how that would help.  I can’t…unsee…the things that happened in that movie.  I am also irrationally annoyed that Natalie Portman won so many awards for that part.  She was breathy, weepy, and skinny with a side of crazy eyes.  Basically, she was every contestant on The Bachelor.  Hey-oh!
  • Speaking of the Oscars: best thing I read about Corey Haim being left out of the Academy Award Dead People Montage: “You can’t pretend License to Drive never happened!”  Heh.

Sooo…any tips on how to combat a case of the Freak-Outs Over Normal Household Noises?  Aside from staying with my parents?


2 thoughts on “Of No Particular Importance

  1. Normal household noises are strangs, huh? When Duane is home, I hear them and I know that it is the wind blowing the neighbor’s tree and hitting the house. But when I’m alone the same noise wakes me up and I imagine it’s some sort or murderer/rapist/burgular coming to harm me. I make up the best scenarios in my head. The most recent one was that there was a convct, straight from a jail break hiding out in the back yard, and I was going to get hauled in for harboring a felon…It makes no sense. Maybe I watch too many Law & Order or CSI shows. Oh, and I’ve been in the same house for 9 years…and for 6 of those years I only had one dog to protect me. I still can’t fall asleep without music to drown out all those noises, or the TV on in the evening while I am doing normal household stuff that does not involve the TV.

  2. I always make Super Smart Choices when it comes to Solitary Viewing – like watching a marathon of Criminal Minds or something when my husband is on call.

    The best thing to combat it is to turn on Golden Girls reruns at top volume and turn on every light in the house. Works every time.

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