In My Defense, the Intro to the Six Million Dollar Man is Pretty Rad

Pop Quiz, Hotshot:

It’s Friday night.  Your husband is out of town.  He (and your mother-in-law!) are due home early Saturday morning.  You are spending the evening:

a.) Cleaning your filthy house and grocery shopping so that your pantry and refrigerator are representative of two functional adults, not one alcoholic latchkey child

b.) Dicking around on Facebook and blogging

c.) Watching old TV intros on YouTube while singing along to the theme songs, glass of cabernet in hand

If you answered “a” you sorely underestimate my capacity for procrastination and love for the Duke brothers.  If you answered “b” and “c” congratulations!  Now get over here and hang out with me.  Or clean my house.  I can pay you in wine and the lyrics to the theme from “One Day at a Time.”


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