Positively Negative

Yeah, I’m talking about lady things and lady business again.  Back to dick jokes and obsessing over my hair next time, but indulge me for now, OK?  Or don’t keep reading.  I’m good either way.

The most glorious news ever: my biopsy results are back and negative in the best way possible!  No cancer!  Just some…concerning stuff (there is a technical term, but hell if my dumbass can remember it), but pretty much spot-on to what the doctor suspected.  We’re on for my cryotherapy next month and all is well.

Sort of.

I had a delayed (more annoying than truly serious or life-threatening) reaction to Monday’s procedure, which means no work, no exercise, no yoga, and, as the nurse succinctly put it “nothing goes in your vagina.”  Great.  Now where am I supposed to store my lip gloss?


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