Thank You

While gratitude shouldn’t be limited to a particular month, November is traditionally associated with giving thanks for the people and blessings in our lives.  And today I’m reminded more than ever how lucky and truly grateful I am for my wonderful family.  I am especially appreciative for the time I had with my Uncle Dan, who lost his battle with ALS over the weekend.  Our family is simultaneously heartbroken over losing him and relieved that the pain he was in has been eased. 

Ed and I talked about our upcoming holiday schedule about a month ago and how we wanted the focus to be on each other and time with family and friends.  This meant less stress about being perfect hosts or attending obligation events that only stress us out (ie work parties vs a quiet game night with friends) and more emphasis on being present with each other and our loved ones.  I know Uncle Dan – ever the cheerleader of our weird, loud family – would approve of this course of action, and I can only hope to reflect his loving, positive attitude even when things get overwhelming.

Thank you, Uncle Dan, for the piggyback rides, jokes, cheesecakes (oh, the cheesecakes), lively conversation and unwavering support of the crazies we call our family.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. So sorry to hear that you lost Uncle Dan. Losing a loved one sure does help us put things into perspective and remind us what is most important in life.

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