Right on Schedule

OF COURSE I’m sick the week before Thanksgiving.  The week before we have a house full of people.  Nevermind that this week includes:

  • Tuesday – work function for CKD
  • Wednesday – work function for Ed
  • Thursday – David Sedaris reading
  • Friday – cryotherapy appointment and Whose Live Anyway
  • Saturday – more Thanksgiving shopping and preparation
  • Sunday – Christmas Preview in downtown Chico

The aforementioned is in addition to full-time jobs and other sundry obligations.  This is where I cry-laugh at the helpful suggestions that I get some rest. 

Lest you think me the most ungrateful bitch ever, I must give my mom serious credit for fetching me a bag full of comfort foods and juices and delivering them to our house LIKE A BOSS.  Sure, she suggested that I be quarantined with stomach flu-addled Dave so that she and Ed could be spared, but it was still sweet of her.  And Ed has been dutifully heating up soup and making sure I get enough fluids (dirty!) so that I will be well enough to clean the house enjoy the holiday with the rest of the family.  Hopefully by this weekend my cough will be downgraded from Doc Holliday* to…well, GONE would be nice, but this is my respiratory system we’re talking about here so expectations are low. 

In happier news that matters to no one, the Great Hair Debacle of 2011 has been resolved!  It’s still shorter than I would like, but that’s the price you pay to have a bunch of fucked up layers evened out.  The appointment took two hours total, but it was time well-spent considering it now takes me maybe two minutes and zero swear words to get my hair to look decent in the morning so I’m calling this a win.

*Too soon?


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