This is What Two Sidecars Get You

Hey, I forgot to tell you guys about Napa.  It sucked.


It was fucking rad.  Aside from the expected awesomeness of 1.) celebrating a dear friend’s birthday and 2.) WINE SO MUCH PRECIOUS WINE it was a fabulous getaway from chores and errands and the hassle of having to deal with ANYTHING because someone else dealt with all of your basic needs.  Our hotel was fantastic (as was the place where our friends stayed – let me know if you want info on either location), and the fact that someone else was in charge of transportaion, feeding, and WINE just added to the perfection of the weekend.

An unexpected perk?  We spent time with other couples who really LIKE each other.  Finding shmoopy couples willing to wax rhapsodic about true love and whatever the fuck?  Easy.  But it’s pretty great – and weirdly rare – to find couples who are genuinely excited to be with each other.  D& K, M &S: You are my heroes.  And not just because you don’t judge me for my Matt Foley impressions.

Also?  Acting like Matt Foley at Honig will not get you kicked out.  Fun fact.


2 thoughts on “This is What Two Sidecars Get You

  1. Hiya!

    Thanks for the mention! it was one of the truly great weekends, that for sure.

    Scratch that puppy dog for us.

    – Mike

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