Honey, Time Marches On, and Eventually Your Realize It’s Marching Across Your Face

Hey Interweb.  How’s it going?  I’m not gonna lie: I’m not doing so hot right now.  But you know what perks me up?  Aside from vodka and mocking people’s pictures of their kids on Facebook?  PRODUCTS.  Specifically: talking about products and sharing my wisdom.  Also, my friend H asked me to do an updated favorites post, and who am I to deny the people what they want?  I should probably link to past posts for reference but I’m too lazy; maybe I’ll get motivated later, but no promises. If you have any questions or want a recommendation on something not covered here, let me know in the comments.  I am full of opinions, but not necessarily expertise.  (That last sentence should go on my tombstone.)

Disclaimers/warnings/please-don’t-sue-me clauses: I am not being compensated in any way for endorsing anything listed here, and all products have been purchased with my own hard-earned money (much to my husband’s delight).  Also, this may be semi-Mary Kay heavy; I am a consultant, so I get to purchase some pretty good stuff at cost, but again: this is not a sponsored post OR a sales pitch.  My skin is dry/sensitive, so all products are definitely suited to anyone with similar attributes, but your results may vary.

  1. Benefit the POREfessional:  I have tried A LOT of different primers and think I may have found my favorite.  I apply this after my moisturizer (Mary Kay Timewise for Normal/Dry Skin) and before my tinted moisturizer with SPF (more on my double-moisturizer deal in a moment) and love how it keeps my skin from looking overly shiny without drying it out; I can also skip powder, which is nice when the weather turns crazy-hot here and I cannot handle anything else on my face.  The tube is relatively small and at first I balked at $29 for something I assumed would last me a week but it’s been a couple of months and I am still on my first purchase.  I thought I was running low recently and ordered another one, and am surprised that I am STILL able to squeeze out plenty each morning.  Either I am horrible at gauging how much I actually need or we have a loaves-and-fishes-type miracle going on here.  Not complaining.  Verdict: Love it, and considering I use it every day it’s been worth the expense.
  2. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Balm: As an admitted lip gloss/lip balm whore I avoided Fresh products for ages because I was told it would ruin me for all others and I’d need to start hooking to support my habit.  A friend let me try her Plum tinted balm over Christmas and I loved it, but for some reason talked myself into ordering the lighter Rose color.  Kind of regretting that call since it’s near-identical to at least three other glosses in my possession, but I DO love this balm.  It’s not sticky and smells great, which are top criteria for me when choosing something that goes near my mouth (dirty!).  Verdict:  Maybe it’s my buyer’s remorse with the color, but I have yet to toss everything else and declare it The Best Ever, but it is in regular rotation. 
  3. Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with SPF:  As mentioned above, I have dry skin and double-up on my moisturizers – I know: insane but it works for me.  I love that this moisturizer has SPF and gives a little coverage but isn’t as heavy as foundation.  It also doesn’t require serious attention to blending, which is nice since I am pretty useless first thing in the morning.  My beef with previous tinted moisturizers has always been that they have always been one-size-fits-all in terms of color (at least the ones I have tried, but I admit I have not done a comprehensive search) and end up looking like bronzer on my pasty face.  Not cool.  The Ivory 1 shade works for me, evens out any random red spots (which appear monthly if you know what I mean), but you can still see me under it.  Verdict: Perfect for everyday use and anyone who isn’t into foundation and wants something that moisturizes with some sunscreen.
  4. e.l.f. Eyelid Primer: As someone with rather champagne tastes when it comes to stuff that I slap on my face and then eventually wash down the drain, it’s nice to have some go-tos that cost less than a venti Starbucks.  While I don’t have a huge issue with my eyeshadow creasing or disappearing, I like that this primer keeps my shadow and mascara from running and giving me Alice Copper Eyes when it’s 110 outside (This time is almost upon us.  Hold me.).  And as a contact lens wearer, I occasionally need to add eyedrops which can make my eyes water…you see where this is headed.  Again, the smallest dab will work and I’ve been amazed that something I use every day has lasted so long.  And because it’s transluscent, you don’t need to match colors or blend carefully.  HOORAY FOR LAZINESS!  Verdict: For $3, you can stand this sort of impulse buy AND IT WORKS.  It’s not a concealer, though, so be warned if that’s what you’re after.
  5. Mary Kay Microdermabrasion: Again with the MK, I know, but you were warned!  I was always leery of microdermabrasion-ish things.  I like exfoliating now and then, but my delicate skin can only take so much before I look like someone took a cheese grater to my face.  I resisted this for ages, and tried it on my hands before very carefully applying it to my face and now you will need to pry it from my cold, dead hands.  My daily cleanser has a gentle exfoliant but this scrub gives it a little extra somethin’-somethin’, and the soothing balm keeps my skin soft (and from turning red).  At the risk of embarrassing my handsome husband, I must say he’s a fan, too. Verdict: I like that I can basically give myself a spa treatment without having to put on pants and leave my house. 

So there’s a list of a few (oh there are so many more!) things I use and enjoy and would recommend without hesitation.  Was this helpful?  Entertaining?  Horrifying?  Would you be interested in a rundown of my morning and evening skincare routine (which include different products because OF COURSE)? 

Feel free to share your favorite thing(s) in the comments – Lord knows I’m always looking for an excuse to experiment.

*F’in’ A I loves me some Steel Magnolias.


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