Crushing It

A short list of brilliant moves on my part over the last three days:

  • Frightened a three year-old with my exuberant exclamations to the point that he said, “Lady, why are you yelling at me?”  Basically, I am this woman.
  • Taught my brother to “make it rain” with his allowance money.  My parents were not as amused as I thought they would be.  Which is to say: at all.
  • Asked same brother if he thought I should have a kid.  “I don’t think so.  You’re on the edge.”  The edge of what, he would not tell me.  But it doesn’t sound promising.
  • Got so sunburned I think I may die.  It hurts AND itches.  I managed to pull this off while wearing sunscreen.  Apparently my pasty self is impervious to normal, over the counter products and I need to wear a beekeeper suit.  Also, this is the world’s most awkward sunburn: my left ear, chest, and knuckles.  MY KNUCKLES.  What fresh hell is this?

But it’s a new week and we’re getting a new roof (holla!) (Jesus, I am so lame) and tomorrow we’re going to see Steve Martin.  Here’s hoping I can squash the urge to scream “The new phone books are here!” the moment I lay eyes on him.  Given my track record of maintaining my shit in the presence of other functional humans, the odds are slim I’ll suddenly be cool.


4 thoughts on “Crushing It

  1. CKD, you are your own special brand of awesome. And I think it’s even more awesome that you have found a partner who appreciates your awesomeness 😉

    • Alex! And the same should be said to you, good sir! It certainly helps that Ed not only tolerates my crazy but embraces it. And keeps it in check.

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