Abrupt Change of Subject Ahoy!

I think we’re all ready for a mental palate cleanser after yesterday’s Debbie Downer of a crapwad post, yes?  Yes.  Perhaps some vintage CKD?  Let’s talk about booze, y’all.

Look!  We made wine!  I’m basically married to Jesus!

Come to Butthead.

We made a Riesling, which seemed like a nice choice for something that would be ready in early Fall and into the holidays and who are we kidding?  I’ll drink this this stuff ANYTIME.  It actually tastes good, which was the big fear of course.  All that time, money, effort, and grape juice could have been for nothing.  Or, like, really expensive funky vinegar.  But it turned out great and friends and family have enjoyed it (or are at least polite enough to say so).  Ed put his logo/design skillz to work with creating the label, while I wrote the back copy.  The joke was that since this was homemade, it was basically like the bathtub gin our grandfathers would have made, hence the name of “Claw Foot” for our boutique winery.  Boutique winery is code for “a bucket in my kitchen” because we are klassy up in this piece.  Obviously.

So, if you come over to our house we will offer this to you, but won’t be offended if you want something else made by professionals who weren’t shrieking “YOU’RE SPILLING IT EVERYWHERE!” at some point in the process.


2 thoughts on “Abrupt Change of Subject Ahoy!

    • Hahahaha! Unfortunately, no. We played it very safe (and sanitary) this first shot and purchased grape juice from a winery. We are also super impatient and this allowed for a certain amount of instant gratification. Waiting around for nature and shit? NO THANK YOU.

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