Ghost of Halloween Past

Behold a young CKD circa 1992 on her way to her first high school Halloween dance dressed as Garth Algar:

No one I know is able to look at this photo without a full-on spit-take. You’re welcome.

I think we can all agree this costume is the absolute antithesis of the “slutty” Halloween costumes that inspire so much pearl-clutching today.  Knowing that a girl is wearing her dead grandpa’s glasses is probably a boner killer for most adolescent boys I’d imagine.  Also?  I maybe weighed 100lbs at this point in my life but damn if you can tell from this ultra-flattering outfit.  Body dysmorphia and being raised in a shame-based religion, holla!

Dorky as all get-out and oblivious to everyone’s mockery: yep, sounds like me.  No joke, this is probably my favorite Halloween costume ever and I won “Funniest Costume” at the Halloween dance so yeah.  Who’s the loser now?


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