The State of Things and Stuff

I have written at least a dozen posts in my head lately. Does that count for something?  No?  OK.  How about a good ol’ fashioned brain dump/bullet-style on what’s been going on:

  • Wedding season kicked off in mid-September and I behaved myself at the first one because it was a co-worker of Ed’s.  I may be an idiot, but I can play Good Corporate Wife when necessary.  I did freak the bride briefly on the dance floor but maintain that she started it.
  • I was…not as well-behaved at the next wedding since a.) these were my friends and b.) we pre-gamed the big event at our hotel so I was slightly buzzed by the time the ceremony began.  My highlight reel of dipshit behavior includes teaching a child to dance with glow sticks (aka contributing to the delinquency of a minor), wearing a glasses and mustache disguise (and having no memory of it until photos surfaced on Facebook), and screaming “BOATS AND HOES!” as the bride and groom sailed away from the reception.  It’s a miracle I have any friends.
  • Ed got to know some of my old friends better during that wedding weekend, which was fun and world-collide-y and weird to see that while we’ve all grown up and are generally respectable, responsible adults in our every day lives, we act like total rejects once thrown into the same room.  Shit gets really weird if there’s booze involved.  AND THERE’S ALWAYS BOOZE INVOLVED.
  • As mentioned in my last post, we celebrated our third anniversary in Las Vegas.  Here’s a confession: I’m not really a Vegas Person.  I mean, I’ve had fun there, but I am not a gambler, I hate smokey restaurants and bars, and my patience for dealing with hordes of drunk idiots has waned with age (unless they’re my friends).  But we found a delightful new-ish smoke-free, non-gaming hotel just off the strip and were pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it was.  We spent a day by the pool, ate like it was our job, indulged in massages at the hotel spa, and took the chance to reconnect and just be.  It was perfect.
  • Work has been…work.  It’s been a time of transitions since the spring but it seems that things are settling down finally.  I hope.

So, exciting times up in here.  There’s been a lot going on (sorry to be so cryptic, but it’s not entirely my story to tell) and I do miss writing here.  We’re in the midst of a nice seasonal purge/cleaning fest/reorganization and it feels like Fall – my favorite! – so I’m feeling some positive changes in the air.


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