Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill Did Not Make the List

Almost a week later and I am still reeling from the Sound of Music: Live! fiasco that NBC thrust upon an unsuspecting public.  As a palate cleanser, I offer you some of my most recent favorite things.  GET IT?  As usual, this is mostly a list of stuff I smear on my face and then eventually wash down the drain.  My grandfather, a man who would spend $.25 in gas to drive to a different grocery store to save $.5 on milk BECAUSE IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE MATTER, CHICKADEE*, is probably rolling in his grave as I write this.  Enjoy!

1.) 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream:  My esthetician recommended this to me a few weeks ago (wow, that’s the whitest thing ever written, isn’t it?) and I love how a.) good it smells and b.) it is calming my freaked-out skin slowly but surely.  It wears nicely under makeup, doesn’t irritate my eyes/contacts, and is vegan/organic.  That isn’t a requirement for me, but if someone in your life is committed to those types of products, I really like the entire line of skin care.

2.) Gimme Brow:  Once again Benefit comes to the rescue.  My issues with my brows are two-fold: 1.) I color my hair so my brows are just a teensy bit lighter and 2.) Parts of my brows are blonde, which looks like I’m missing half of them – not a good look.  The light/medium shade fills everything in, evens it out, and keeps them groomed.  I was using a cumbersome powder/brush/wax combo for quite some time and the sheer convenience of this product (it’s like a tiny mascara wand for your brows) alone makes it worthwhile. 

3.) L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Goss in Really Rose: Perfect nude/pink gloss that smells like vanilla.  Not a fan of overly shimmery/glittery glosses?  This is for you.  It’s a pretty good dupe for the now-discontinued Fruit Cocktail gloss bareMinerals used to make, too, if you’re rationing your last remaining tube of that not that I would do that or anything.  I wore this shade over my MAC Spice lip pencil this weekend with a smokey eye and liked that it added some color but wasn’t WHOA.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Right.

4.) Brooks Ravenna:  New running shoes with special inserts for my precious snowflake feet.  Thanks Dad!  It’s kind of horrifying to realize just how not-good-for-me my last pair were after wearing these and feeling like…I might actually enjoy running again?  And not hurt myself?  Christmas miracle!  Anyway, these may not work for you (unless you are also a big-hipped, pronating, narrow-heel having freak) but I love them.

5.) Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Bites:  These may or may not be the reason I needed #4 above.  I could film my own “Schweddy Balls” sketch about these since every time Ed makes them I say things like, “These are my second favorite kind of ball to have in my mouth” and then he sighs heavily and reexamines all the choices in his life that led him to be married to me.  Anyway, these are delicious.  Put them in your mouth.  Heh. 


*Yes, he called me Chickadee.  No, you may not.