I know people mean it as a compliment, but telling me that I look SO MUCH BETTER with straight hair and/or without my glasses is kind of like saying I look like ass 99% of the time. 


Also, who knew my entire office would weigh in on the updated hair color?  No idea everyone cares so much.


Sake It To Me 2: Electric Boogaloo

Our favorite sushi place held another sake tasting and sushi flight night.  Some selected quotes from the evening….YOU decide who said what!


  • “It’s like drinking flowers.”
  • “You WHORE!”
  • “The dingo ate my baby!”
  • “You’re cut off.”
  • “”Did a dingo eat YOUR BABY?”
  • “Wow, you guys, I am so drunk right now.”
  • “Shoot all of them NOW!”
  • “Will he give us another 5% off if I show him my boobs?”


My family knows how to bring The Klassy, yo.


Dave is feeling no pain whatsoever.
Dave is feeling no pain whatsoever.
Mother-Daughter Drunky Time

Mother-Daughter Drunky Time 


What to Wear Wednesday: Fall Frizz

This week’s question comes from one of my oldest pals, Julie.  You can read her stories of her adventures Down Under here:


I also have been wanting to ask you a beauty question for your Wednesday post. My issue is this: fall has come to Australia and with it the chilly wind and rain that does a number on my frizzy curls. Do you have any advice/tips/products for me? We both have similar hair so I am hoping that you will have some insight to make me look fabulous despite the drab weather. Oh, and beware that if I can’t find the products here I might make you go shopping with me in June to find the in the U.S.!!


Frizzy hair is my archnemesis.  The Joker to my Batman, if you will.  As someone who once chopped off all of her hair in a fit of frustration, allow me to share some less drastic ideas I have picked up since the days of my impetuous youth.


One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need a ton of stuff to tame your curls.  False!  Less is More.  One thing I’ve figured out is that it’s not about the quantity of products, but the quality.  Ideally, breaking any bad habits when styling and handling your hair means you won’t need as much because your hair will be healthier.


1.) Wash and rinse your hair in the coolest water possible without torturing yourself with a freezing shower. 

1a.) I am not really a fan of special shampoos for “curly hair” and think that as long as you use something that addresses your overall hair condition (dry? color-treated? whatever?) you are generally good to go.  However, I do recommend using Bumble+bumble’s Sunday Shampoo once or twice a week to strip some of the product build up.  They also make a fabulous hair “masque” (really a once-a-week deep conditioner) for curly hair.  It leaves my crazy ‘fro soft for days!  Or you can rock it old school and get one of those hot oil deep conditioners.  It’s like a little extra hydration for your hair and can benefit it for days and cut down on the daily maintenance and need for more products.


2.) When you get out of the shower, do you towel dry your hair to get all the excess water out?  If yes, cut that shit out.  Gently wrap your hair in one of those super-dorkass, but really effective, hair turban towels they sell at Bed Bath and Beyond (or a regular towel, whatever).  It soaks up the excess water without frizzing out the curls.


3.) I am Bumble+bumble’s bitch: their Curl Conscious line of styling products has changed my life.  Not a huge fan of their shampoo and conditioner for curls, but the styling creme blows my freaking mind.  They make a few different formulas for different textures (I use the one for fine hair) so choose accordingly.  Yes, a bottle of this stuff costs a bit more than something you could pick up at Target, but DUDE.  You need maybe a dime-size dollop and have I mentioned it works like a miracle?  Because it does.  I get away with buying a bottle a year because it lasts forever.  Even with your long hair I think you’ll find it worth the investment.  Besides, Makoa doesn’t need to go to a fancy college, right?  Anyway, work in roughly a dime-size drop through your hair, comb or finger-comb through to distribute evenly.  Don’t scrunch curls: this disturbs their natural shape and adds to the frizz issue.  If you must encourage the curls a bit, twist sections of hair gently.


4.) If you dry your hair, please tell me you use a diffuser.  If not, go get one right now.  If you prefer to air-dry, I think you’ll be pleased with the Bumble+bumble stuff: it doesn’t give hair that crunchy texture and helps curls look natural, not processed.  This is actually ideal for curly hair.  Supposedly the less heat and processing we subject our hair to, the better.  But sometimes you need to shower and head out and don’t want to rock the “wet” look.  If you can allow your hair to air-dry a few times a week, I think you’ll notice a difference. 


5.)  Hair still a little frizzy?  Or did you go out in the rain and realize “Holy Shit, my hair is HUGE and I look insane and all of my thoughtful styling was for NOTHING OMG!”  This is where I have two “finishing” products to recommend.  The first is – shocker! – Bumble+bumble’s De-Frizz serum.  I buy the travel size and find that it lasts me decades (Unless you don’t close the cap all the way and the whole thing spills all over your entire cosmetic bag while on a trip.  Which has NEVER happened to me!) because you need the tiniest bit.  The other favorite is Frizz Ease Secret Weapon, which can be picked up at any drugstore, Target, whatever.  It’s unlikely you’ll need both at the same time, and I tend to rotate them based on my hair’s weirdness du jour.  I like the Secret Weapon after using the hair dryer, and as a touch up if I’ve been out in the rain.  The De-Frizz is great for little fly-aways and seems to actually make my hair look shiny.  You’ll need to experiment here, or just go with the cheaper option, see if it makes everything better and go from there.


Following some or all of these tips should at least minimize the frizz, leaving you pretty enough to dance with Mr. World Hula if that’s something that appeals.  Heh.  Good luck and let me know what works.  Or if I am full of shit.


And by the way, no need to twist my arm to take a little shopping trip to stock up on products while you’re here!  All of the products I mentioned can be found in Chico and I’d be happy to act as the boss of you your personal consultant.  You can also find everything online, but sometimes it’s fun to play around, or purchase a travel size before committing.  See you in June!

And Now I Get to Drink All the Wine Because My Guest Is Pregnant

Dear Trader Joe’s Cashier,


I really appreciated you asking for my ID, even if it is just store policy to card EVERYONE. Still, maybe you didn’t need to so judgey about the five bottles of wine.  You don’t know me.  Actually, I think you do.  I’m the person who goes to the store to ONLY BUY ALCOHOL.






Dear Asshole Who Left a Shopping Cart Right Next to My Door and Blocked a Parking Space,


Eat a dick.