We’ll Call it “Plan B”

Ed: “What’s under our bed?”

Me: “Some purses and my wedding dress. Should we take it? I don’t want to store it, but it’s not like I’ll need it. I can’t believe I let my mom talk me into boxing it up and keeping it.”

Ed: “Oh yeah, I guess we’re not going to pass it on to anyone. Keep it. Maybe you’ll give it to Bubba.”

Me: “Why would I give my brother my wedding dress?”

Ed: “I didn’t say it was a sound idea.”


Bad Things Happen in Threes, Which is Why I’m Glad We Only Have Two Pieces of News

As I annoyingly alluded to to a few weeks ago, there are some fabulous new developments in CKDLand:

1.) Ed got an exciting, challenging, extremely well-deserved promotion at work which means

2.) We are moving back to the Bay Area, where his home office is located.

After a crappy year of disappointing news we decided to take some matters into our own hands. Namely: figuring out where we wanted to be both literally and figuratively. After talking about how our future was going to look differently than we had imagined at the beginning of 2013, we re-focused our energy on other goals. It became clear rather quickly that moving away would be necessary to accomplish much of what we wanted. Not because life here is so horrible, no. I mean, it would be a million times easier to stay put and coast. But we’re both in a place where we’re ready for some creative challenges and change. As sad as it will be to leave this house – where we got engaged and hosted our first Christmas as a married couple and created zillions of wonderful memories as a family – my home is with Ed and Molly. There are new memories waiting for us in a new place. And I cannot wait to get there.

Aside from locating a place to live, my number one mission is finding myself some gainful employment. So if you know of anyone looking to hire a smart ass who smells really good and is excellent at clearing paper jams in the copier, let me know.