Keep an Eye Out for the Other Horsemen

My dad now has texting capabilities, thanks to the wondrous world of voice-activated texting.  I love my father deeply but if he keeps sending me messages referring to them as “hashtag texts” I will change my number or throw my phone down a flight of stairs.  Whichever is easier.

The best parts of this are that 1.) I imagine that he’s screaming the texts into the phone since he tends to do that when using technology and 2.) He’s not wearing his reading glasses so he has no idea that I’ve texted him back.  He has sent me two separate texts telling me I’m the first person he has contacted supports my evidence of that second theory.  Also: he has identified himself in each message, like I don’t have him in my phone AND HE HASN’T HAD THE SAME NUMBER FOR OVER FIFTEEN YEARS.

I also suggested he send Ed a text because why bother being married if you can’t drag your spouse into your family’s crazy?

No one better tell him about Twitter.