There’s a Very Good Chance I’ll Get Yelled at for SOMETHING, Though

My wise stepmom once told me that it’s common for people to revert back to their old, familiar childhood roles when gathered with family for any extended period of time. If this is true, there’s a decent chance my 33 year-old cousin and I will take a swing at each other.* But I don’t think he’s bringing any Matchbox cars so maybe we’re good?

We’re going to my aunt and uncle’s cabin about three hours north of here for the weekend and I cannot wait to unplug, relax, spend most of the day in the pool with Bubba, and have my uncle bring me cocktails. Bliss! Ed has never been and I can’t wait to show him the property. I love that Bubba enjoys it there, too, and that we play tag on the same lawn and eat popsicles on the same deck that my cousins and I did 30 years ago. Of course if I take a swing at him CPS will be called, but I think I’ve learned to handle myself better now. Plus, it’s likely I’ll have a drink in my hand and I don’t want to spill it. Child-on-child beatings aside, I do hope there is some truth to what Judy said because taking a break from adulthood for a day or two sounds perfect right now. If the only things on my to do list are “be in the pool” and “eat something” I’ll be a happy girl.

*My cousin and I actually get along fine and generally did as kids, but every now and then one of us would get impatient with the other one and well…words were not always used.


Warning: Vagueblogging Ahead

It’s the sixth anniversary of when I moved to Chico and – lucky you! – started this blog. That was at one of my lowest points personally and professionally and I was convinced, truly, that my life was destined to suck forever. As if I had one shot to have the life I wanted and it didn’t work and NO SOUP FOR YOU. Ridiculous, I know. Obviously that isn’t the case. Within the year I was on my way to this lovely, fun, surprising, not-perfect-but-highly-entertaining life. I try not to take it for granted.

As shitty as I thought 2008 was, 2013 probably trumped it in terms of feeling weighed down by disappointment and heartbreak. Almost like the universe was saying, “Oh, you thought THAT was bad? Ha-HA! We’ve got more for you!” Cheesy as it sounds, you’d think I would have learned by now that sometimes the old “there’s more room in a broken heart” thing is true. Sometimes shit needs to fall apart in order for other new possibilities to make themselves clear. The life you thought you were going to have – supposed to have – isn’t the only way to be happy. And all the good things coming your way wouldn’t have been possible if you had stayed that original course.

Happy, welcome changes are coming (which I promise to share in more detail in due time) and some of them are a little scary and uncertain and we’re not completely in control of everything (anyone who knows what compulsive list-makers and planners we are can just imagine what fun it is in our house right now). But we’re ready and open. Bring it.