And There’s Excellent Cuban Food Here, Too!

I’ve been living in the Bay Area and at my new job for just over a week and HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH.  Everyone at the office has been beyond welcoming and kind and fun, and I’m impressed by the organization and training offered.  I’m still in quite a few workshops and learning the ropes, but I hope to start “earning my keep” around here soon with some real assignments.

Ed and Molly are still in Chico, which has been a source of great amusement (have you ever tried Face Time with a dog?) and also incredible sadness as I drive away from them on Sundays.  There’s an end in sight and we knew this would be the temporary situation when we pushed forward with this plan but that hasn’t stopped me from pulling off the freeway to have a good sob in a gas station parking lot like I’m Britney Spears circa 2007.  I feel like such a dependent baby when I admit this, but the truth is I like my husband and the little routines and fun we’ve created together.  I suppose it would be more concerning if I didn’t miss him, right?  To be clear: I’m not weeping at my desk or anything.  We’re certainly used to being apart and doing our own thing during the day while at work and I’m definitely occupied from 8-5 but it will be great to share a glass of wine and make dinner and talk about our day in our new home.  On a purely selfish note: I am so fucking tired of driving back and forth and living out of a suitcase and not knowing where any of my shit is.

There’s also some guilt on my part.  While I miss Ed, I’m also having a wonderful time staying with my family and making new friends and re-connecting with old friends.  I’m developing work friendships and joining clubs.  Bubba has been a delightful host and source of near-constant amusement and distraction.  It’s such fun to be here while the Giants are in the play-offs.  It isn’t as hot as the face of the sun. I get to see my mom since she’s working down here temporarily.  It’s not a terribly rough transition all things considered.  It’s a great life.  It’ll be even better when we’re all here, though.