I Assure You This Thing Is Still On

Warning: Writing About Writing Ahead

Hey Interwebs. I really miss writing here.  At one point I thought about trying to monetize this site, but my attempts at coming up with some sort of brand always fell flat and felt really forced. Ever since I abandoned that notion and decided to keep this up simply as a little outlet for whatever I feel like sharing, it became fun again.  Lately I’ve been wanting to post more; I open up a blank document and…stare at it for a few minutes, then close it down out of frustration.  Basically, I think we’re dealing with some good old fashioned writer’s block.  Ah yes, that fucking bitch.  As a writing instructor once told me: the best way to work through that is to work through that. Write SOMETHING.  Anything!  So you’re getting a cop-out-brain-dump-list and here’s hoping it opens up whatever is blocked.

  • My dad is in a skilled nursing/rehab facility after a week-long stay in the hospital for issues similar to what we were dealing with exactly two years ago.  While he’s a little closer to home, the level of care is somewhat concerning and it’s taking every bit of self-restraint for Judy and I to resist recreating the “GIVE HER THE MEDICINE” scene from Terms of Endearment when it’s clear the staff has no hustle.  Once again I’m so glad we moved down here because a.) a weeknight visit is not out of the realm of possibility and b.) my new manager has agreed that once he’s home but still requiring some care I can work from his house during the day once a week.  I am so grateful so this I could cry.
  • Both my brother and I have turned another year older.  He celebrated with a party at one of those trampoline places charmingly decorated with signs warning you that if you leave a quadriplegic YOU SIGNED A WAIVER, SUCKER while children you don’t know somehow manage to sneeze at you.  I celebrated by drinking all the wine in the tri-county area. The DeFazio kids know how to party is what I’m saying.
  • My left contact has been making me crazy today, like it wasn’t situated correctly. Upon further inspection it appears it has either rolled back into my eye socket OR I never put it in because THERE IS NOTHING THERE RIGHT NOW. I’m in hell.
  • I am continuing to enjoy the crap out of my job and being back in the Bay Area.  Every now and then I forget that yes, the traffic is awful and I find myself running late to an appointment even when I think I’ve left plenty of time but luckily shrugging and saying, “101 blows” garners instant forgiveness and understanding.  Also, there’s a Round Table Pizza two blocks from my office and all my pants are tight.  You do the math.
  • Right after my birthday I just sort of decided to… avoid Facebook. And lo, it is glorious. I hesitate to say anything about it at all since it’s such a non-announcement and “I don’t even have a Facebook account” is the new “I don’t even own a television” isn’t it?  A pretty good case of FOMO keeps me from deleting my account altogether and I love the birthday reminders, but if you recently announced something huge in your life and I failed to acknowledge it I’m not being a dick (this time), I’m just oblivious.

Since I sat down to write this the rain has started up (yay!), I’ve ditched my contacts for glasses (double-yay!), and some Round Table pizza made its way into my facehole (fuck yeah!).  Let’s do this team!