Tuesday Night Adventures

A conversation we had while at Walgreen’s this evening BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO RAGE ON A WEEKNIGHT.  If by “rage” one means “buy up all the bathroom accessories required for a person recovering from hip surgery.”

Me: “Ooh, we need a new thermometer.”

Ed: “OK, what kind?”

Me: “A digital one for sure.  Oh, this one would work!  And it’s the kind you can put up your butt.”

Ed: “Now it’s a party.”

And scene.


What Up With That?

One of the best things about recent SNL episodes has been the “What Up With That?” sketch.  Specifically: Jason Sudeikis in a jogging suit doing the running man.

Moving on…

There’s just been oh-so-much going around here.  A quick report on what up with CKD.

  • Ed’s dad had a hip replacement a few weeks ago.  Pro tip: if your doctor told you SEVEN YEARS AGO that you need a hip replacement, that is the best time to get that taken care of.  *Ahem* 
  • Our younger niece turned 16 two weeks ago and while every now and then I think I’m doing OK for my age, I spend time with these dewy, fresh-faced girls and I catch sight of myself in a mirror and scream “CRONE!” 
  • I’m coming out of bridesmaid retirement to be in my girl Kelly’s wedding party.  I am excessively excited about this wedding for many reasons (chief among them: I love the bride and groom to pieces), and have been thoroughly enjoying dress shopping and thinking about eating cake.  And, like, celebrating true love and stuff. 
  • I managed to dislocate a rib a few weeks ago by flipping my hair over and back again while drying it, but my chiropractor commented that it did look fantastic, so I’m calling this a win.  Beauty hurts.  I’m feeling much better now, and, surprisingly, a trip to a trapeze school for a friend’s bachelorette party actually seemed to help.  While hanging upside down made me want to vomit almost instantly, hanging from the bar and swinging helped let out some built-up tension.  It hurt at first, and then by the time I was ready for another turn I felt great.  If this ever happens again I’m skipping the doctor and going to the playground down the street to hang from the monkey bars.  (OK, I’ll probably still seek out medical advice, but I think I’m on to something here.)
  • A recent exchange with my favorite seven year old: Him: “How did you meet [my last serious boyfriend before Ed]?” Me: “At a wedding.  We were in a wedding for some mutual friends.” Him: “Oh.  Wow.  That’s got to be awkward for you now.”  Oh Kid.  You have no idea.  “Awkward” was the name of the game when it came to my dating life.
  • Twice today someone has said something inane to me and I have resisted the urge to respond with a smart-ass remark and school the fool.  Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in myself.

OK, then…not the most thrilling update, but writing SOMETHING helps get my head back in the game, so baby steps, right?