Coming Out of Hiding and Updates

Well, hello there!  I had made the blog private for a bit after getting an email that referenced the blog.  I wondered if I was making a mistake by revealing so much of myself but then realized, Hey!  If someone doesn’t like what I have to say, that’s his or her problem and (presumably) no one is being forced to read here.  So, thanks for the advice not to “be so fuckin mean”  But I think I’ll just keep on proceeding as usual.  I make it a point not to take advice from anyone still using a hotmail account, who can’t be bothered to employ proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in his or her emails, and who doesn’t seem to grasp the irony that sending a message to a stranger for the sole purpose of calling her “bitter” and “so fuckin mean” might actually BE mean.


I gave notice at my job yesterday and start a new gig in the Bay Area on October 6th.  I am exceedingly excited about this new opportunity and that the plans and goals we set out to accomplish by the end of the year are coming together beautifully.  That’s…probably all I’ll be saying about the new job here.  I don’t want to Dooce this up before I even start, you know?

I told Ed in January that 2014 was going to be our year and, while there’s been a lot of hard work and sacrifice and sleepless nights and freakouts, it’s a huge relief to see it pay off.  Our weekends have been full of packing, purging, fixing little things around the house, and other sundry errands and we have yet to kill each other yet so I’m calling this project a win.

We have taken a few trips to scout out possible places to live and, thankfully, found several where we can envision ourselves and Molly being at home.  I’ve been amusing myself by pretending we’re on House Hunters as we look at places and comment on various features.  “Ooh, granite counter tops!  I like the open floor plan!”  The poor leasing agents think I’m being serious and engage with me as Ed rolls his eyes and/or shoots me “Can you be an adult for five minutes here?” looks.  Hey, I need to find a way to make this process less tedious because after four places?  They all blend together.  Let me have this, Ed.  I ask for so little!

So, to sum up: new job, the move is ON, and we are going to be homeless soon unless we pull the trigger and sign a lease once I can stop acting like a goofball.  Fall is off to a great start.


I Can’t Wait to Read His Blog

During a rare morning snuggle with Bubba:

“I’m writing a book. I’m going to write about your wedding.”

“You are? That’s so cool! What are you going to write about the wedding?”

“Sissy, it’s a personal narrative. It’s about me this time. Not you.”