Alive and Kicking. And Bleeding a Little.

Based on the emails and messages and Facebook wall posts I’ve received lately, my little semi-hiatus from the Interweb (coupled with a case of writer’s block here) alarmed some people.  I’m alive!  And doing great!  Promise!

So, what the hell have I been doing?

  • Celebrating six months of marriage to my sweet husband
  • Celebrating aforementioned sweet husband’s birthday with a fucking KICK-ASS party at a local wine bar.  We’re talking customized wine flight with fancy cheeses, yo.  If 23 year-old me knew that 33 year-old me would throw parties that didn’t involve Long Island Iced Teas…
  • Slamming my finger in the side garage door.  Screaming about the blood.
  • Cutting the same finger while chopping an onion.  Screaming about the blood.
  • Spending a lot of time entertaining and throwing parties for our families
  • Referring to my uterus as the Empty Womb of Shame in response to certain in-laws’ disappointment in my non-prego status, while simultaneously choking back AWESOME COMEBACKS to their questions about “trying” (which is just gross when you really think about it) and demands that I spawn boys LIKE I HAVE A GODDAMN CHOICE OR PREFERENCE I MEAN WHAT?
  • Claiming Empty Womb of Shame as a potential future band name
  • Spring cleaning and helping Ed with the plans for our backyard makeover
Not exactly riveting blog content, as you can see.  And honestly, the weeks have been flying by when I factor in work, family obligations, socializing with friends, and all the little stuff in between.  I have a bunch of half-written posts in my drafts folder and post-its with post ideas but half the battle is setting aside the time to actually write the fucking post.
So, what’s new with you guys?  Anything you’d like me to cover here?  I want to write but I’m at a loss for suitable (read: interesting) topics.