“A” is for…

At dinner with my Dad, Judy, Bubba, and Ed:

Dad, to Bubba: “What’s my name?”

Bubba: “Chris A. DeFazio.  Christopher!”

Dad: “What does the ‘A’ stand for?”

Me: “Oh, I’ll tell you what the ‘A’ stands for.”

Dad: “Nice, Christen.”

Me: “Oh, he [Bubba] doesn’t get it!”

Bubba: *Snickers and nods at me*


Bubba, to Me: “So, I hear you lost a diamond from your wedding ring.”

Me: “I did!  It was a bummer but it’s been fixed.”

Bubba: “How did that happen?”

Dad: “Probably from taking it off at her boyfriend’s house.”

Me: “Hey!  Yeah, OK, I had that coming.”