Self-care Sunday

Gearing up for the first full week at work in what feels like forever coupled with rain and wind storms makes it easy to cocoon and nest.

  • Ran a 5k: My first San Francisco race! Between the lightning and broken branches I doubt I’ll forget it. My first memory of San Francisco was when we met up with my dad after one of his races so it was exciting to get to experience that for myself.
  • Brunch and mimosa: See above.
  • Facial: I love running outside but my skin takes some abuse from the wind and cold.
  • Bubble bath: The eucalyptus bubbles instantly make my legs feel better.
  • Pajamas fresh out of the dryer: Yes.

Here’s to setting goals and making things happen!


Self-care Sunday (on a Monday)

Not that anyone asked, but I think I cracked the code on a nice little self-care routine to ease back into work after a glorious 10 days off. This may become my new Sunday routine because I need a way to shake off the Sunday night blues.

  • Quick (2 miles) run outside: I have a race in a few days and this is part of the training plan, so I’ll adjust my mileage as needed. And hopefully sleep better.
  • Face mask: winter is murder on my skin so I’m doing everything I can to keep it happy. Plus I look insane and like to startle Ed.
  • Wash makeup brushes: in addition to being a key piece in not being gross, this will also keep my skin looking good. Win-win.
  • Deep condition hair and cuticles: OK, clearly a big part of this routine is appearance-based but it makes me feel better, OK?
  • Brooklyn 99 and The State marathons on Hulu: Self-explanatory if you know me at all.

Feel free to adapt any of these for your own purposes. Happy New Year! Take time to take care of yourself.