Self-care Sunday (on a Monday)

Not that anyone asked, but I think I cracked the code on a nice little self-care routine to ease back into work after a glorious 10 days off. This may become my new Sunday routine because I need a way to shake off the Sunday night blues.

  • Quick (2 miles) run outside: I have a race in a few days and this is part of the training plan, so I’ll adjust my mileage as needed. And hopefully sleep better.
  • Face mask: winter is murder on my skin so I’m doing everything I can to keep it happy. Plus I look insane and like to startle Ed.
  • Wash makeup brushes: in addition to being a key piece in not being gross, this will also keep my skin looking good. Win-win.
  • Deep condition hair and cuticles: OK, clearly a big part of this routine is appearance-based but it makes me feel better, OK?
  • Brooklyn 99 and The State marathons on Hulu: Self-explanatory if you know me at all.

Feel free to adapt any of these for your own purposes. Happy New Year! Take time to take care of yourself.


4 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday (on a Monday)

    • I’m Portuguese and Italian so if I skip a threading appointment I could probably make this happen by end of the month. Good tip!

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