How are you settling in to the new home and new jobs?

Surprisingly well! For all of Ed’s fears about BAY AREA TRAFFIC our commute to work (we carpool pretty much every day) is about 15 minutes and the drive home seems to run about 25 minutes. For those not in the know: we fucking WIN. Our new place isn’t much smaller square footage-wise than our house, but it’s configured differently (duh) and we’re getting creative with our organization. Also: we’re painfully aware of how much stuff we have and how much of that we just sort of…shoved in the garage and ignored. Molly is adjusting nicely to having to get into an elevator in order to use the pet potty area in our complex; she’s, uh, quite popular with a couple of other dogs who seem to have no issue humping her while she’s just trying to poop. Boundaries, guys. I love my new job so very much and Ed is happier than I’ve seen in a long time. It’s pretty obvious this needed to happen.

How’s the family adjusting to you being further away?

With their characteristic understanding and unwavering supp-HA JUST KIDDING. We were recently told that we will regret this move. Like that’s just a fact. So that’s fun. However, there are certain branches of the family who are happy for us. We tend to talk to those people more frequently, quelle surprise.

What do you miss about Chico?

My esthetician Jen and my nail lady Lisa. For reals. My eyebrows look insane, my mustache is a legit contender for Movember, and I got the world’s crappiest pedicure yesterday. It’s madness. Oh, and the beer-cheese dip at Sierra Nevada. That stuff is tits.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

We’re going to Ed’s sister’s house where we will relax and watch 80s movies with our nieces and drink champagne and, most importantly, not endure the pressure of hosting. It will be glorious.

How’s re-watching Gilmore Girls affecting morale in your household?

Just hearing the opening bars of the theme song forces Ed to his knees, fist-shaking at the air screaming, “Noooooo!” and questioning every decision in his life that brought him to this point. He does agree, though, that Logan is a douche.